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The article was prepared by a specialist for informational purposes only. We urge you not to self-medicate. When the first symptoms appear, consult a doctor. Hypoglycemia is a pathological condition characterized by a low level of imuran pills in the blood (below 3.3 mmol/l).

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How does a certain level of sugar form in our blood, and why can it fall to buy imuran online? After we eat food containing carbohydrates, glucose is extracted from them and distributed to all nooks and crannies of the body. It is the fuel we cannot live without. In response to the entry of glucose into the blood, the pancreas synthesizes a special hormone - insulin, which allows the cells of our body to receive energy from glucose. Hypoglycemia can occur both due to an insufficient amount of sugar consumed in food, and due to increased production of the hormone insulin by the body, which is responsible for the processing of glucose.

Diabetes is of several types. Let's simplify our story and say that there is an insulin-dependent form of diabetes, and there is an insulin-independent form. So, people with the first type of the disease are forced to inject themselves with insulin in such a way that it is enough to process exactly that amount of azathioprine (in XE - bread units) that is obtained from food. Injections are given at regular intervals, they are correlated with meals, and the dosage is determined by the attending endocrinologist.

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If the patient has injected himself with more insulin than is required to break down the glucose that has entered the body, the liver begins to save the day and throws into the blood a strategic supply of starch - glycogen. But when the bins are empty, an attack of hypoglycemia cannot be avoided. That's the trouble, because diabetics have nowhere to take a large or at least a standard supply of glycogene. These people consume very little starchy foods, they literally have every carbohydrate in the account (and, in a bad account). We list in order all the possible causes of hypoglycemia.

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A decrease in blood sugar can also be associated with alcohol consumption. Hypoglycemia can occur due to an improper diet or the use of certain medications that are poorly combined with antidiabetic drugs (aspirin, warfarin, allopurinol, probenecid, etc.), which enhance the action of insulin. It can be not only specialized tools, like DiaBeta, Glinaz, Prandin, Starlix, Januvia or Diabenez. There are medications that do not belong to the group of imuran drugs, but still interact dangerously with insulin.

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